About us


Empowerment of poor and vulnerable people especially women, adolescent & children to ensure peace, justice and democratic values.



To establish the poor and vulnerable people specially the women of the community through making them capable, self-sufficient and self-governed through building capacity, institution building capital utilization of local resources and imparting self-need based problem solving programs involving skilled and experienced staff.



Build up dynamic atmosphere of our society through establishment of human rights. Building a caring society based on higher moral and human values where comprehensive development of all human beings is achieved in general and livelihood needs of the poor in particular realized. ESSD aims to lift this community out of poverty by providing them with the ability and the skills to earn for themselves. Our education program mainly focuses on children, with the goal of enlightening the younger generation and give them the opportunity to dream of a better future. 

How We Started 

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Governing Body

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Fatinaaz Feroz, is the chairman of the Board of Trustees of Stamford University Bangladesh and the Chairman of Stamford Food and Agro ltd.



I wish you all a wonderful, prosperous and happy life. We established Elevating Society through skill Development (ESSD) a non-profit, non-political organization for socio-mission and a goal to develop life style ofpoor distressed people. We are working to empower the poor and vulnerable especially women and children to ensure health service, education, justice and democratic values.

We are working to ensure sustainable educational opportunities among the slum children, primary health care services. Our Team is working to ensure facilities to boost up educational level for poor people. Our web-site of ESSD shows a structure of our activities what we are and what are our activities. Our professionals are working hard with sincerity and dedication in all respect of project implementation.

In the past year, we proved that we can surmount any challenge if we work hand in hand. I am asking you to join with us in our activities. We are one community, we are the world. When we stand strong together, we are resilient and we can create a healthy, thriving community for all of  our country.

Mrs. Fatinaaz Feroz



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Mrs Mazida Rashid

Executive Director


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Farahnaaz Feroz, PhD


Program and Development

Ms. Sonia Rashid


Marketing and Public Relations 

Zarahnaaz Feroz


Mrs. Evana Akter