ClImate change

Climate change is a global concern at the moment. It has challenged the very existence of life on earth. Nations all over the world are alert and trying their best to reduce the factors of the climate change effect. Bangladesh being the most vulnerable of all the nations bears the most risk to the adverse effect of climate change. This issue is of more concern to us than anybody else in the world. We have already started to see the effects of the climate change, disaster cyclones, hurricanes, flood, storms, river erosion, earth quakes, direction of rivers being changed. Six seasons now reduced to two (summer and winter) are all after math of adverse effect of climate change. Unfortunately the mass people of Bangladesh were not aware of the burning issue that is to engulf us if corrective measures are not taken by the developed world.  For no reason of ours, we Bangladeshis have to suffer for the extravaganza and luxury of the developed world. Realizing the importance of the issue ESSD organized awareness programs in different parts of the country to educate the general masses on the subject and insist the government to take necessary steps to alleviate the impact of climate change.

1. The first seminar was jointly organized by Stamford University and ESSD and was held in the premises of Stamford University, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Dr. Jafor Ahmed, the director general, Department of Environment and now the secretary Ministry of expatriate welfare ministry, changed as chief guest and the seminar was well attended by teachers, students and member of the civil society. The speaker in the discussion program were Dr. MoudoodElahi, Pro-  Vice Chancellor of Stamford University and Dr. Muzibur Rahman, Vice- Chancellor of Stamford University, Mrs. Fatinaaz Feroz, Vice President Stamford  University and Chairman ESSD. Mrs. Majid Rashid Shirin, Executive Director, ESSD.